Why Should You Get A Roof Cleaning?

Getting a roof cleaning isn’t about just making it look good. It is a way to preserve the longevity of your roof, protecting it against future damage, and saving you money. What causes dirty roofs is different than you might think. While dirt and debris are certainly factors, often algae and moss are the true […]

Do People Still Use Swamp Coolers?

Swamp Cooler Removal Ogden Utah

As winter comes to an end and spring returns, temperatures begin to rise, and the time has come to try to cool off. Gone are the cold months of trying to stay warm, and now is the time to crank up that cold air and enjoy the sunny and warm days. There are lots of […]

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Roof?

Extend Your Roofs Longevity

Roofing damage is not something you can afford to simply “put up with.” While the extent of repairs can vary, minor repairs can range anywhere from $150-$400 and as far as around the $7,000 mark for major jobs. More than that and it might be time to talk about replacing the roof altogether. Several factors […]

DIY Roofing Repairs

resolve all problems with your roof

Sometimes it feels easier just to “live with” a roofing problem needing to be done. But that can eventually lead to bigger, and more expensive, problems later on. If you have shingles that are needing to be replaced or a small leak coming into your home, you might be able to fix them yourself with […]