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How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Roof?

Extend Your Roofs Longevity - How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Roof

You want to hire a roofing company, but do you know How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Roof? Roofing damage is not something you can afford to simply “put up with.” While the extent of repairs can vary, minor repairs can range anywhere from $150-$400 and as far as around the $7,000 mark for major jobs. More than that and it might be time to talk about replacing the roof altogether. Several factors can factor in, such as extent of damage and materials.

(Note: It’s important to mention that due to material and labor shortages, costs have been fluctuating much more rapidly and have been more subject to change than in the past. We are providing general overviews based on current data. For a more accurate estimate based on your specific situation, contact Out There Roofing in Ogden with your questions and we would be happy to respond.)

Roof Repair: Average Costs

It’s a simple fact that no home can go without a roof. Its primary job is preserving your health, safety, and comfort against the elements. It is inevitable, though, that as the years go on, repairs will be a necessity.

Of course, roof costs can fluctuate based on a variety of factors: Anywhere from material availability, to the extent of damage, to time required, to the size of your roof. Even with something as simple as installing some shingles, the kind of shingle can change the overall price.

Generally, though, you can give an average estimate based on the job and whether it is major or minor.

Minor Repairs

Minor jobs don’t need more than the most basic methods, tools, and material to install. That being said, while DIY is a popular way to go in the case of minor repairs, if you are uncertain at any stage what you should do or about your safety, then contact a trained professional. The last thing you want is for a project to get delayed or improperly done.

Some of the most common minor jobs we’ve seen are:

  • Clogged or leaking gutters
  • Minor leaks in the roof
  • Shingle replacement

The average range for minor repair costs hovers from anywhere between $150-$1,500 once extenuating factors (damage, size, etc.) are taken into account.

Leaking Roofs

Minor leaking can be fixed relatively inexpensively, generally ranging up to about $150 for a patch. However, given that defense is the best offense, you can prevent leaking with some relatively easy methods.

  • Clogged Gutters: Periodically clean out your gutters so that water can flow and avoid flooding
  • Skylight Leaks: If you have a skylight, then there is the chance that water will leak into your home. Make a habit of checking your skylights to make sure they’re not trapping water. If there is a crack, then clean the area and then patch with silicon sealant.
  • Ice Dams: These are formed when ice melts then refreezes on a roof, it will prevent snow from escaping from your rooftop. Aside from water damage, this can also create enough weight to cause damage to your rooftop. The two best solutions are either to use a roof rake to remove snow from your eaves or, for a more effortless solution, consider installing a roof heat cable.

Shingle Replacement

Shingles are generally lost for a variety of reasons:

  • Blown off because of high winds
  • Water damage
  • Deterioration from age

On average, asphalt shingle replacement can cost around $875.

Major Replacements

In the case of major jobs, there’s really no DIY that can be safely performed. It is much more wise to prevent injury and future collateral costs by calling in a professional to step in and do the job. In some places, special permits or inspections have to be performed and cleared before work can even begin and sometimes even during the process.

When the damage or range of required repairs becomes extensive, then it becomes a major job that requires you to find a roofer sooner rather than later. Neglected, these problems will only get worse, more expensive, and potentially dangerous for you and your family.

The most common major repairs include:

  • Pervasive water damage
  • Deterioration caused by mold, gas, etc.
  • Shrinkage or sagging roof

The average cost for a major repair, depending entirely upon the extent of the damage and the materials that will be required (both of which are generally only identifiable upon an inspection from a professional roofer) is usually anywhere from $1,000-$7,000. Above that and a total roof replacement is usually what is prescribed. Usually, it will hover closer to the lower end if the damage isn’t super apparent.

Given how many factors need to be considered before a firm price can be set, your best bet is to call in a professional to give an expert opinion based on seeing the situation firsthand. However, using the information above, you can at least give yourself a general idea of what to expect.

Out There Roofing Are There To Repair

With how much needs to be taken into consideration, it is often best to get a professional eye inspecting and helping out in order to preserve the longevity of your roof. That is where Out There Roofing in Ogden, UT comes in.

We know the hassle that often comes with roofing projects, usually ending with materials like nails and debris left in your lawn. We set out to be different, making sure that our work is clean and efficient in order to inconvenience you as little as possible by cleaning up after ourselves.

For a hassle-free roofing experience, contact us today so that we can get started on giving your roof all the attention that it needs. We’ll give you a free onsite estimate of potential costs so that you aren’t caught off guard after a repair.


How much does it cost to fix a roof?

The cost to fix a roof can vary greatly depending on a number of factors, including the size of the roof, the type of material used, and the extent of the damage. On average, a minor repair such as fixing a single leak can cost around $500, while a major repair such as replacing a section of the roof can cost $1,500 to $4,000.


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